Breads – Rolls

Real Italian Bread | Canton OH

Breads & Rolls

Hard Dinner Rolls (12) French Bread (Special Order Only)
Garlic Bread 2 lb. Ring Loaf (Special Order Only)
2 lb. Double Loaf (Special Order Only)
Hot Dog Buns (8)
Sub Buns (6) Pizza Dough (1 lb)
Pre-Baked Pizza Shells Sandwich Buns (8)
Sliced Italian Pan Loaf Soft Side Italian Bread
Split Italian Loaf  Original Pepperoni Rolls
Sweet Dough Pepperoni Rolls Sweet Dough Dinner Rolls (6)
Sweet Dough Hot Dog Buns
Sweet Dough Sandwich Buns

Prices current as of 10/16/2019
Prices subject to change without notice