Chocolate Chip Cookies | Stark County OH Oatmeal Cookies

Butter Sugar $.65 each or $7.15/dz
Chocolate Chip M&M $.80each or $8.80/dz
Chocolate Chip $.65 each or $7.15/dz
Chocolate Chip Walnut $.80 each or $8.80/dz
Double Chocolate Chip $.65 each or $7.15/dz
Old Fashioned Oatmeal Raisin
$.65 each or $7.15/dz
Lemon $.65 each or $7.15/dz
PB Blossoms
$.65 each or $7.15/dz
Peanut Butter $.65 each or $7.15/dz
PB Chocolate Chip $.65 each or $7.15/dz
PB Reeses $.80 each or $8.80/dz
Snickerdoodles $.65 each or $7.15/dz
Holiday Cut-outs $.85 each or $9.60/dz
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut $.65 each or $7.15/dz
Large Cut-outs $1.25-or-$14.50/dz
Gingerbread Man $.65/ea-or-$7.25/dz
Raisin Filled $.70/ea-or-$7.70/dz
Iced Cut-outs $.80/ea-or-$8.80/dz

Cookie Trays

Small – Assortment of 24 Cookies
Large – Assortment of 48 Cookies

Prices current as of 07/24/2019
Prices subject to change without notice